Light Curve - Q and V-series Performance Graphs

Light Curve Performance Graphs

Did you ever wonder which product will fit your needs the best? Which product performs the best or lasts the longest? Well now you can easily find the answer! Our Light Curves are now available on all of our products online.
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When you have chosen the products you wish to compare, you can simply save your custom setting as a picture or print it right away. Just click the small icon in the top right corner.

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Boost Light Curve
High Light Curve
Medium Light Curve
Low Light Curve

Genuine light experience

Real light - Real life. Without compromise

When Suprabeam state “Real life - Real light” it is because, that is what Suprabeam products are all about. These are light tools created to deliver the best possible light experience for what you really need in real life. We constantly work on our electronic control between battery and LED to get the best possible light output for the whole duration of the battery lifetime.

For users of our torches and headlamps it means that if you choose to put your torch or headlamp in boost mode the electronics will make the highest possible light output until the battery is completely drained. This electronic control we call Constant Current Output, because the electronics drags a constant current out of the batteries, constantly bumping up the power output.

Most torch producers choose to have a high boost and then let the electronics drop the light output way down to give the illusion of a long battery life time with a high output. On the graph, you can see an example of a Suprabeam torch and a “typical torch”

Rapid Focus Change
With our Rapid Focus Change, you can instantly switch from Spot beam to Flood beam, and get just the light output that you wish.

Focus from wide floodlight to narrow spot light. With the Hyperfocus Optical System it's easy to get the correct light output with a minimum loss of light. Just use the head of the torch the correct the light setting and you're good to go.

Light Curve Performance

We truly believe in the high quality of our products. That's why we have all our Light Curves available for each product right here. Just click below and select the products you wish to compare.
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