SUPRABEAM are happy to announce that we will supply Team Tinkoff Sport and their mechanics with our products to ensure the best work conditions in all light settings. 
We look forward to working with the professional team of mechanics and providing Team Tinkoff Sport with the best lights to achieve the best results. 

We hope this partnership will help Team Tinkoff Sport in their pursuit for great results in Tour de France and in many races to come. Read more at Team Tinkoff Sport

Team Tinkoff Sport Cycling Sponsorship



In 2014 Suprabeam sponsors The Tooth Fairies work in Gambia. Watch The Tooth Fairies work in Gambia here.
Good luck to Elisabeth and Pernille in their future work with the children

"Our focus has always been prevention and health promotion. So it was with great excitement, we arrived at the school on our first day. We were met with great joy by both students and teachers. They were sure who we were and what we were there to help with. Immediately the toothbrush song was sung loud in all classrooms. We got the feeling they did not "just" did it for us, but they were proud to show they could remember and had learned from last time.

Head master Yaya told proudly that the children had a strong mouth, as it does not bleed any more. That is a good observation, and the best thing is, that they've seen a change. Last year, we met many students with pain (tooth abscess). This year, we only found one girl, and the tooth, which was causing the pain, was so loose due to tooth change, that within a short time she would be fine and free of pain again."

- Elisabeth og Pernille from The Tooth Fairies

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