Proper and safe handling of lithium batteries

Important Lithium ion battery information

The proper and safe handling of lithium batteries

If not handled properly, the battery may cause explosion, leakage or fire

- Do not expose to temperatures above 60° C (140° F) or charge where temperatures may become high
- Do not expose batteries to direct sunlight
- Do not disassemble or modify batteries
- Do not drive a nail into the battery or crush it in any way
- Do not apply strong impacts to the battery
- Do not get batteries wet
- If something unusual is noticed, stop using the battery
- Keep batteries out of reach of children and animals
- Do not place batteries on top of an electromagnetic range
- Do not force decayed batteries into a device
- Do not use batteries that work for an extremely short period of time
- Do not short-circuit the battery
- Do not put a battery in a microwave oven, pressure container, or other such devices
- Do not recharge batteries where heat can build up
- Remove batteries from a device that is not being used for an extended period of time

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