Q4xr review by Grejguide.dk

"INCREDIBLY COOL" - 4½ out of 5 stars

The danish test-site grejguide.dk have made a review of the Q4xr torch. Read the full review here

For those of you unable to read danish, here are some translated quotes from the review:

- "Suprabeam Q4xr is litterally a very good torch. Made after the principles of keeping it simple. It is easy to use, and the material is highly durable with a nice finish"

- "Let me say it right away. The Q4xr torch is not the torch you go out and buy, for the monthly walk to the shack. For that job this torch is simply to powerful!"

- "The finish is way beyond the average torch, and is powered by rechargeable batteries."

- "It fits very well in your hand, and has a certain weight, without getting too heavy."

- "It's easy to see, that they really thought about the details on this torch."