R. Shepherd - A Railway Signalling Engineer

R. Shepherd, Railway Signalling Engineer, United Kingdom

My name is Rob, I work as Railway Signalling Engineer, mainly on the London Underground system, where work is carried out primarily at night. We work in darkness of the night on the open section of the system or in the tube tunnels, which is lit at night by the tunnel lighting system. The tunnel lights are not very bright and are spaced out along one side of the tunnel. This leave dark areas and if our signal equipment is positioned in these darker areas a good torch light is essential.

On the 1st October 2013 my car was broken into, at night in London. The police asked me if I would wait for a scene of crimes office, to come and try to find fingerprints etc. to which I agreed. At 04.00am on a dark night the officer arrived and brushed white powder over my dashboard and other parts of the car, she then took out her torch to illuminate the powder. The light was extremely bright and super white. Just what I had been looking for. It was a Q7xr Suprabeam!

I have tried many torches, but had not found one that was both bright, robust, rechargeable and light to carry. So I found Q7xr online and purchased it. The price was not cheap but having seen it in action, I considered it a good investment. I was not to be disappointed, as I have used it ever since on a nightly basis, in the tunnel and open section of the railway. It has been dropped and been in torrential rain, but still it shines bright. I have also purchased the headlamp version, which is light to wear and just as hard wearing. Both are rechargeable by mains and USB, hence I can charge it in the van if required. The batteries are long lasting up to 30 hours use, and with the spare one, it gives plenty of hours light.

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