Tinkoff Saxo uses Suprabeam products

Tinkoff Saxo competing in Giro d'Italia
Pro Team Tinkoff Saxo uses premium Suprabeam products

We are proud to provide Team Tinkoff Saxo with our premium products, competing in several races around the world. They only use the best gear and technology available, and to optimize their training especially at night and in the evenings, it is important for the riders to have the best possible light.

Next up is Giro d'Italia beginning the 09 - 31th May. We wish them the best of luck, and we look forward to following them on the road to success.

"Alberto Contador The “pistolero” is trying to become the first rider since Marco Pantani in 1998 to win both the Giro and Tour in the same season. He is 32 and might not be as explosive and fresh as he used to be, but he’s even more tenacious and experienced than ever before. When it comes to winning grand tours, no rider in this year’s Giro field has more experience than Contador, and he is one of the favourites to win it."

- By Andrew Hood, Analysis: Five who can win the Giro d’Italia

Pro Team Tinkoff Saxo
"SUPRABEAM supplies Tinkoff-Saxo and our mechanics with their products to ensure the best work conditions in all light settings.
Supreme Hyperfocus technology is trademarked and developed by Suprabeam and based on a solid aluminium reflector combined with a special optical lens, which ensures all beam settings produces highest possible light output. This innovative optical technology ensures all beam settings, produce highest light output and the best light beam distribution for any desired angle."