Torch upgrades 2017 - WIN upgraded Q1

Product upgrades summer 2017

At Suprabeam we strive to deliver the best performing torches possible, which is why we’re always implementing the latest technology and the best components in the business. Our goal is to produce the best products possible by delivering the highest possible light output and longest runtimes. To live up to this, we have been working extremely hard to make our already high performing torches even better, and we can now present a huge performance upgrade for almost all our torches.

This massive upgrade has been made possible by fitting our torches with the most advanced and best performing LED chips currently available on the market. The upgrades result in a significantly higher lumens output, without the runtimes being compromised at all. Actually, as the new LED’s are more efficient we have managed to preserve the long runtimes and in some cases, prolong them substantially.

To exemplify, the new LED in our Q1 pen torch has resulted in a 60% higher lumens output, and a 33% longer runtime. An upgrade which makes a huge difference when using the Q1, providing greater illumination of the work at hand for even longer time than before.

Go to our Facebook page for a chance to win an upgraded Q1 pen torch (Competition ends Monday the 4th of September)

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