V3r Review - grejguide.dk

The danish test-site grej-guide.dk has made a thorough review of the V3r. Read the review here.

For those of you unable to read danish, here are some translated quotes from the review:

- "If you need a new, all-round headlamp to be used both for outdoor, running and adventure race, you should read on..."

- "Suprabeam V3r is a headlamp for the quality conscious user, who wants a rechargable headlamp with high performance and good quality..."

- "I have now been cross-country skiing, running and hiking with Suprabeam V3r, and it works surprisingly well, even for the more light demanding activities..."

- "The first time I got Suprabeam V3r in hand, I was surprised at how solid it seems, despite the relatively low weight..."

- "It is clear that the headlamp is designed for people in practical work, who sets high standards for quality and longevity..."

- "The rechargeable battery is well protected in a shock-resistant packaging on the back of the head..."