New V4 functionality video

V4pro rechargeable Functionality Video

Discover our latest video about the most technologically advanced headlamp in Suprabeam history
With 800 lumens it is without doubt the most powerful headtorch we have ever made. The casing is made from solid high strength aluminium with a new improved heat sink, which is 10% more efficient than the V3-series. The V4pro rechargeable is also fitted as a standard with our new Battery Reserve Light feature and exchangeable cable plug system as you know from the V3pro-series. 


Battery Reserve Light 
When the battery reaches the last 10% of its total capacity, its integrated Battery Reserve feature automatically fades the light down to approximately 10-15% of the headlamps maximum lumens output. 

This way you will get a visual notification, that the battery is low, and you will always know, when it is time to find a new battery or start heading home. With at least 40-80 lumens available in battery reserve for up to 30-60 minutes, depending on the rechargeable headlamp model.
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