Visual Competitor Comparison

Visual Video Competitor Comparison 

Discover the difference first hand 
In this video we made a Tunnel comparison between our Suprabeam V3pro rechargeable and a leading competitor headlamp.
The video shows a Tunnel with a visual on the light, together with a Light curve for each product. Notice that the first 30 seconds are slowed down, to let you see how the competitor dims down the light just after 30 seconds of runtime.

How come the stated runtime/lumen are so different from the manufacturers?
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard is the only standardized test for flashlight manufacturers, and it defines the runtime as a duration of time from the initial light output value after 30 seconds until the light output reaches 10% of the initial value. Because of this some manufacturers program their products just to perform well in an ANSI FL-1 test. We choose to make products that perform with a high light output for the entire duration of the battery's lifespan. Giving the user a shorter stated runtime, but with a realistic and useful light output.

ANSI = American National Standards Institute
NEMA = National Electrical Manufacturers Association

FL-1 Standard link

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